Diptych - Angular

I had to pull something from the archives this week. I tend to take a lot of photos that involve lines of some kind, but most of what I’ve taken recently are more curvy than angular. I love this photo of the Trans America pyramid in SF, though. I had it blow up to an 8×10 for a friend years ago and when I went to have it mounted, the framer had to ask which way was up.

I also like Daniel’s contribution this week. Classic cars are classic.

Next week is “Crooked”.


Costal Tree

I went to the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago to see the bloom of a rare, super smelly flower. While I was there, I walked around taking photos of their other gardens. I was most interested in the native plants of California that day. I think I need to go to the beach or something.

I really loved this photo when I got my prints back this week. I have a thing about trees and black and white photos that are mostly made up of a bunch of lines. So, perfect!

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Diptych - Familiar

The theme for this diptych is “familiar”.

Last week I went to the Berkeley Botanical Gardens to see their Titan Arum in bloom. After going to see the giant, stinky flower, I walked around the grounds looking at their different collections. At some point I got it in my head that what I’d really like to photograph for this diptych theme was a Joshua Tree, which is native to the desert where I grew up. The gardens don’t seem to have one, though. But they did have this Yucca plant, which looks very similar to some of the things that grow in Apple Valley. So I took a photo of that instead. It is familiar like meeting someone as an adult who looks just like your friend from third grade. Also, I enjoy the very not at all desert-y background of this photo. Pine trees! Yucca plants! Together at last!

You should also go read Daniel’s post about this diptych. He mentions bicycles.


Diptych - Glee

Daniel and I are playing catch up on past diptych themes this week. The theme for this one is “glee”. I took my contribution at a store in Chinatown in Oakland. I felt a little weird busting out my camera at a store like that, but I like the results.

(Daniel’s kid – pictured here – has a very awesome sense of style. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with when she hits high school.)


Aaron Zach Annah Backs

I realize that I haven’t posted an actual film photo in a while. Due to time constraints, most of my diptych photos have been taken with a borrowed digital point and shoot (thanks Aaron!).

I’ve been taking my film cameras out a lot less lately, which is tragic. I’ve also been having trouble adjusting to the light in California. My Hassy doesn’t have a light meter on it. When I got the camera, I had a 35mm that I used to get a base line for the light in northern Europe and then just sort of guessed based on the typical sunlight in different situations. That camera got lost in the mail during my move back and I’ve been without anything resembling a light meter since. So while I’m fine with sunny days, I have trouble inside or on cloudy days.

Anyway, here’s something I took waaaay back in November. This is Dylan Beach, in Marin County.

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Diptych - Dust


Diptych - Summer

Daniel and I took some time off of our diptych project, but we’re getting back on the horse this week. Today’s theme is Summer.

Next week is Dust. It is too bad I’m not going to be in Apple Valley this weekend.


Diptych- Adundant

I’m still behind, I know! But! I my defense, this diptych is sort of awesome in it’s before & after imagery, right? Apparently Daniel and I just enjoy citrus.

Last week’s theme was ‘urgent’. The theme for this week (meaning today) is ‘glee’. Next up is ‘saved’.


Diptych - Spring

Ok, so I’m a week late posting this. I think the end of my semester/master degree program is wearing me out.

I’m also late on getting the photo for today take. Ug!

The next diptych will be “abundance”. The one after that is “urgent”. I wonder if I can properly capture how I feel about getting these photos taken. :)


Diptych - Temporary

I’m late posting this week even though Daniel got everything together on time. I’ve been working on finishing up my culminating project for my MLIS program – the e-portfolio. And that’s really my only excuse.

Daniel has a lovely post up about his contribution

Next week is “spring”.

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